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Koko Dough Stamps Bundle

Koko Dough Stamps Bundle

Our Koko Dough Stamps Bundle will provide your child with hours of fun with so many amazing developmental benefits. 


Our bundle includes;


1 x Koko Dough Stamps Set

1 x Koko- Dough Tin (190g)

1 x Wooden Rolling pin

1 x Messy Mat (4 designs to choose from)


MESSY MAT DESIGNS: Mat, Sand, Coconut Palms, Koko - Please add a comment in the shipping section as to which design you would like.


Our stamps have been custom made with Australian premium pine with our own unique designs. Each design is representative of the beauty of the Pacific Islands.


There are so many developmental benefits to our bundle from the stamps to the koko dough. 


Some of the benefits include;

- It's inclusive

- Supports Language Development 

- Develops hand-eye coordination

- Strengthens the small muscles in children's hands

- Strengthens grip

- Fosters creativity

- Activates the senses 

- Provides children with a sense of calmness

- Encourages independance 

- Encourages exploration 


We are so happy to have been able to create this bundle to make it easily accessible to everyone. 


We can't wait to see our little Koko-dough bundles out in the world helping support children's development while also being LOADS OF FUN.

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